Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AAIC Round Up!

Dear Friends,
Have you noticed the significant uptick in Alzheimer's and dementia related research news over the past week? I hope so! 

Last week, more than 4,000 miles away, the worlds largest gathering of Alzheimer's and dementia researchers are is happening in Copenhagen, Denmark. From diagnostics, to disease targets, to medicine, to social aspects - researchers are gathering, learning, sharing their ideas and announcing their research findings. 

Here are a few of the highlights:

While the press releases are informative, I also like to hear from the scientists. Catch video briefings from scientists by following this link: News Briefs

Seeing the tweets, photographs, and news briefings only strengthen our call to action. Together we can END Alzheimer's, but we have to rally together and keep the momentum going. 

Summer Snack
Nothing says summer like an afternoon snack! It is hot, you don't have much of an appetite, the sun is out longer. We often don't actually eat dinner until 8. In the meantime I have to have a snack! And homemade corn chips are my fav. Well, not entirely homemade - I do start with the store bought corn tortillas. You can find them right next to the flour tortillas in the grocery store. Cut them into quarters, spray them down with olive oil, sprinkle on salt and any other flavoring you like (lime zest is also a favorite), then pop them in the oven. A few keys to success: make sure you pre-heat your oven for at least 15 minutes so it is actually 400 degrees. Only cook them for 11 minutes. or until they are golden around the edges. When you let them cool for a few minutes they will be nice and crunchy! 

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